Everyone finds their own sources of inspiration. Find yours, and visit them frequently, especially in these times of great uncertainty. Then go to work. Speak, write, dance, make music, make art, invent the ways for civilizations to heal.

Every medium has its own structure and every person has their own creative process. The unifying factor among people who inspire me is their commitment to be true to themselves. They deepen my commitment to remain true to me.

These videos represent a handful of the many people who inspire me when I’m thinking not only about writing and the creative process but also about life.

When I was in my twenties and filled with self-doubt I asked my mother one day whether she ever doubted herself (she was an haute couturiere who had dressed the editor-in-chief of British Vogue in the early 60s as well as other well-known journalists, actors, society women and ambassadors’ wives). Without hesitation she said, “Never. There’s a big antenna in the sky that anyone can tap into for new ideas. It’s always there, you can tap into it at any time.”

Today, the Internet is part of the big antenna my mother tapped into in the sky. When I want to replenish my mind, feel the energy and thoughts of people who do amazing things in the world, I use the web. I am inspired by all sorts of people in all walks of life.