A few days after my webinar Reawaken Your Voice on the 2nd April, Melissa Koosmann, who had signed up to join me, wrote in the comments under the replay, “I missed this webinar on the day of the event (I was giving birth to a baby, actually).”

Melissa and I talked on Wednesday 19th April and sometimes the baby joined in, but not yet in English. So I edited out most of his comments although you can still occasionally hear him.

Melissa’s commitment to be part of the webinar by listening to the replay so soon after her baby’s birth speaks volumes about her desire to keep writing, even with big demands on her time right now.

I hope she will inspire you as much as she has inspired me.

I wish you all Spring’s joy.

In Conversation with Melissa Koosmann, 19 April 2017
Part 1 That Spark
Part 2 The True Answer
Part 3 A Crystal Ball
Part 4 To Write From Your Voice
Part 5 True to Yourself
Part 6 Crossing the Line
Part 7 A Ray of Light
Part 8 The 3-Act Novel
Part 9 Showing Your Work
Part 10 What I Believe In
Part 11 The Path for Me
Part 12 An Act of Creation
Part 13 The Words I Write
Part 14 Everything



3 thoughts on “THIS IS WHO I AM”

  1. Thank you, Shelley, for sharing this conversation with Melissa. Fantastic. The best points for me were the thoughts on voice, again, one of which is,
    In order to write from your voice, your truth, from the things that move you to be creative, you have to give up looking for outside approval. That’s so true! Don’t we all look for validation in our creative endeavours? It’s hard but a very true statement, one which I will keep with me to remind myself that it is only my truth that is my story.

    All best wishes,

    1. It is so true, Frances, that it is only your truth that tells your story. Otherwise, it’s somebody else’s truth (obvious as a cartoon anvil, but somehow not so obvious when we’re writing, with one eye on the market and the other on our readers).

      I have a post I wrote a couple of different ways for SavvyAuthors, which stems from my hard won experience of self-trust and also something I wrote on a large community group I belonged to a few years ago, to a new writer experiencing extreme doubt. I will rewrite again with some new thoughts and post it here, soon.

      I called my post for SavvyAuthors Trust Is a Wide Open Sky. The ability to trust oneself speaks directly to the heart of my work with writers in guiding them to see how the language they create will always speak their truth.


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