Artist; John Singer Sargent

Dear Writer,

A superpower is something we do amazingly well in a way that makes its power unique to us. It’s as close to us as our skin, so close in fact that we may not even realise that it is a superpower.

If you’re a fiction writer and haven’t joined me in any of my webinars, or conversed with me privately, I focus on working with you to draw on the power of language and your love of the written word, to create works of fiction that empower your readers, and you, through the gift of your voice.

In this two-session webinar we will spend the first session revealing our superpowers, which may be so obvious we never think of them as superpowers. Then, in the second session, we will write from new-found strengths that take our writing to a higher level.


DATE: Sunday 10 June 2018.
TIME: Two sessions, one-hour break
Pt 1: 1.00-2.30pm east coast/10.00-11.30am west coast*
Pt 2:  3.30-6.00pm east coast/12.30–3.00pm west coast*

COST: $40

Returning writers who have taken a paid workshop with me
COST: $30

If you have questions, send them to me here: Email

*Check your timezone here: World Clock
** Full refund within seven days of the workshop if it turns out not to have been right for you.

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