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“With fiction there’s no reason why everything you write shouldn’t be amazing. Nobody’s stopping you from making up better stuff.” – Wells Tower

In spite of all the iffy weather SPRING is here! In Manhattan some brave trees have begun to bloom while others are still on tenterhooks…wondering, is the sun really going to shine or should they wait a little longer. Either way, Spring is in the air. It’s a time of renewal and rebirth, of clearing away the winter cobwebs and embarking on the new.

Three weeks ago I promised a workshop inspired by Wells Tower’s words: “With fiction there’s no reason why everything you write shouldn’t be amazing. Nobody’s stopping you from making up better stuff.”

I came up with the idea to offer a short workshop for writers who feel as I do that his words are an oasis in a desert of rules (mostly made up by people who will never meet us). When I first read them nine years ago they were a jolt and inspiration rolled into one. They remain that today, reminding me whenever I return to them why I write.

Please join me in a three-hour webinar workshop on Saturday 5th May from 12.00-3.00pm east coast time/9.00am-12.00pm west coast time*

together we’ll discover

How everything we write can be amazing if we stay true to our voice and become our own guide.

When we let go of all the do’s and don’ts that so often prescribe our writing, we will experience how fathomless our imagination actually is.

We can make up better stuff. Nobody’s stopping us! Seriously. Nobody.
(This is the best-kept secret of the breakout novel.)

When: Saturday 5 May 2018
Where: Online – a Webinar Workshop.
Cost: $25**

*Check your timezone here: World Clock
** Full refund within seven days of the workshop if it turns out not to have been right for you. 

9 thoughts on “GIVE RISE TO WONDER”

  1. Great job today Shelley, very helpful.

    Here is the poem from the picture prompts:

    Back view of the clock,
    without time.
    I waited but he never came.
    Then things seemed dull.
    Now should I stop?
    Life’s done in no time:
    love will never feel the same
    and hearts are full.

    1. Tracy,

      It was lovely to see you again after such a long time. Your poem contains the volume of Big Ben in a pocket watch.


    1. Will it be apparent how to sign on etc Shelley? You know I’m not very technically minded ( less so than ever! ) ~Tracy

      1. I’m setting up the link now to join me tomorrow at GoToMeeting, which is a webinar application. I’ll send the link to your email address. It should be easy to sign in. If you have any difficulties, you can text me.

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